Case Studies

Defence Nuclear client (Licensee)

As part of a wider transformation project that was being led by our consultancy division (IC Nuclear), and working closely with the clients subject matter experts, eNuclear developed a suite of bespoke modular eLearning training packages for their internal staff.

As part of the clients preference to reduce the number of eLearning formats they use, the training was developed using ‘Nimble Author’.

The training was subsequently made available to the whole organisation which consists of c. 7000 employees

As part of our standard practice, eNuclear provided the training free of all restrictions and future license fees, including providing the client with all source files for future maintenance by their in-house Learning and Development team

Industry-wide training

As a natural consequence of being a nuclear training company, operating solely in the nuclear sector and participating in so many best practice groups, eNuclear regularly form separate working groups with interested parties to develop niche training that meets the need of the Nuclear sector as a whole not just individual clients. We have a number of Standard off the Shelf (SoTS) eLearning training packages that are developed at our cost to meet the unique requirements of the Nuclear Industry.